How to build an as-delivered VIA F40PH-2D in HO scale.
by Manny Jacob

1. Download these PDF format documents:

a. Parts list (240KB, revised August 1, 2012)

b. Kitbashing instructions (1.11MB, summarized/condensed version of this website, updated October 29, 2012)

c. Kaslo fret installation document (22 pages, 2.36MB, version 5 final update October 29, 2012)

2. Completely disassemble the entire locomotive and reduce it to a box of parts as shown in these photos. File off the light receptacle from the speaker cup. Cut off the corner marker lights from all window pieces as they are not correct for VIA.

Six (6) Kato F40PH-2s completely finished in 2012, just in time for the Rapido VIA Canadian:


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