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The information and photos on this website are strictly for personal enjoyment. You may feel free to save the images as desktop wallpaper or for your own personal files or modelling projects but please read on. Do not pass these photos onto any commercial ventures, use them in a book or on another website without first seeking permission. I will certainly consider providing images for commercial use by others, but permission must be obtained in advance. By proceeding into this website you certify that you will follow this rule.

The same applies for the information in this website. If you use it, credit the source. Using photos or information from this website without crediting the source is theft, especially if it's without permission and/or for commercial purposes without having sought advance clearance for use.

All images are copyrighted. All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction of this website in part or in whole without the express written permission of the webmaster is prohibited.

This is a hobby site, built and maintained by a private individual. That means there is no official connection to any of the railways mentioned on this website.


CPR Diesel Roster (excellent online reference for roster photos of virtually the entire CP Rail diesel fleet since the beginning)

Trackside Treasure (really neat blog about CP, VIA and CN in the 1980s-present. Lots of circa 1970s-80s VIA and prairie photos)

Confessions of a Train Geek (Steve Boyko)

Credit Valley Railway Company (Mississauga hobby shop, one of the best in the country, exceptionally well stocked)

Athabasca Shops (Remember our CP Rail caboose storm door project? Athabasca carries them in their parts line!)


Website stats...

-Site created on September 26, 1998 and the frequency of updates has mirrored the typical ups and downs of life.

-April 2001 - 10000 hits

-December 2002 - 30000 hits

-March 2005 - website redesign and counter reset

-February 2006 - 10000 new hits

-August 2006 - 15000 hits

-March 2007 - 18000 hits

-April 2009 - 31000 hits. Infrequent site updates and moved to different Execulink domain.

-May 2012 -35000 hits. Moved to and counter restarted.

-December 2013 - 7000 hits

-July 2014 - 10000 hits. About 82000 hits in total since site launch 16 years ago.

-March 2016 - 13000 hits.


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