CFL Grey Cup display train deadhead move

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The CFL decided to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Grey Cup in style - in late August 2012, VIA F40PH-3 6445 and four passenger cars were specially outfitted to house the Grey Cup and display to Canadians across the country. The display train was configured in Toronto and deadheaded on VIA train #1 from August 29-September 3. It started its tour a few days after in Vancouver and operated on a lot of rare miles track in the prairies. Complete tour details, videos and a map with upcoming dates and times were posted on a website, which has since been removed.

I had been informed by a good friend in the Toronto area (as well as confirmation from some members of the CanPassRail yahoo group) that the equipment for this train was headed my way for a midday arrival on Saturday, September 1. I've had success with VIA photos in Portage before, so I made my way there in preparation for the arrival of #1. It arrived at 1:15PM and to my amazement I did not see any other railfans around the area. I thought for sure there would have been a swarm. Did the clouds keep everyone home? The only interest in the train (other than mine) seemed to be one family that took some pictures from the station platform - you can see them off to the side here. I fixed this image to remove the pole that was right in the middle of the frame. Please forgive my rushed photo editing work.

Roof shot of Grey Cup wrap 6445:

Here we see #1 waiting for an eastbound freight at the red signals at Kearns, milepost 55.7 on CN Rivers sub.

Power today was a solid REN consist (the last yellow units to operate here were seen in early 2012) of F40PH-3s, #s 6409, 6452 and 6445. I needed better shots of all of these units and the train was ideally parked.

Now let's take a look at the rolling stock. I have been informed that the last five (5) cars of the train were VIA 8715, VIA 8615, CP 103, CP 104 and VIA 8412. Thank you to those who provided me with the car numbers. These cars were placed behind the revenue Park car (8715), something of an uncommon practice for VIA.

SECOND WRITEUP: Grey Cup display train open to the public, PLAP, October 4, 2012. Rare miles!

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